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Cattle Guards

Cattle guards are 7' across when installed. The grates are 4' wide and can be added side-by-side to make and width cattleguard in 4' increments. The slot in the bottom is only 2" wide and the sides are tapered so that mature animals can't get stuck. The grates are engineered to holdover over-weight semi-trucks and trailers. We can provide engineering upon request.
Advantages: Easy to install. Engineered to exceed USDOT HS-20 load rating. Approved for BLM and US Forest Service use. Grates can be removed for cleaning. High strength concrete with steel and fibermesh reinforcing.



Barns and Buildings

"Wafflecrete"... Our concrete 'waffle' building panels are 12' tall and 8' wide and are 8" thick overall (only use 3.5" of concrete). The pods are 6" deep and the reinforced "skin" is 2" thick. The panels bolt together - no welding needed, and weigh approximately 4,000#. They can easily be erected with a reach-type forklift. Best of all they require no maintenance!
We use only 5,000 PSI concrete and grade 60 reinforcing bar to ensure quality, and each panel is inspected and tested by an ICC certified inspection agency.
Advantages: Safer for livestock than wood or metal! Won't rust and can't be eaten. Modular construction reduces construction time. Door and window openings can be designed and cut on site. Durable. Exterior panels are finished to look similar to stucco when painted!




Timbercrete... "The Beauty of Wood, The Durability of Concrete" Our concrete "post and rail" fence is steel and fiber reinforced and comes in 2-rail (36") and 3-rail (48") heights. It has a heavy timber texture on 3 sides and is available in three colors: cedar, redwood and white.
The advantages of Timbercrete: Integral coloring eliminates the need for periodic painting or staining. Won't rot or splinter. Can't burn or sag. Looks and feels like natural timber. Once installed, it's maintenence-free for life. Lifetime concrete warranty.
Timbercrete ranch rail is easy to install! Posts do not need to be set in concrete because they are concrete, but need only to be set at the proper depth and securely tamped in the ground.


The 6' concrete privacy-type fence is built with slotted posts and concrete boards that stack on each other. It also has a timber texture that matches the post and rail style.


Track-out Grates

Track-out systems are a series of concrete grates that, when installed and driven over, create a vibration in the vehicle that helps dislodge debris in the tires and under the vehicle.



Window Wells     'look, ma, no holes' ;)

Our concrete window wells attach to the exterior with a proprietary design that does not require holes drilled through the foundation. These window wells fit 4' and 5' wide windows, are 54" tall and can easily be used with standard depth windows.



Firepits / Benches / Other

Firepit / Benches - A complete concrete firepit with places to sit around the firepit itself or with separate benches (sold separately).
Concrete columns are used for arches that span the entrance to your home or ranch. They also make beautiful mailboxes.



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